Smart Cannabis / Smart MMJ

Self-Medicate? Smart medicate with Smart Cannabis.

Rating the effectiveness of a MMJ Strain
Version 1.0 tracks the following symptoms:




Pain Relief

Mental Clarity



Now available in Apple's iTunes APP STORE.

Name:   Smart Cannabis
SKU:    SM001
App ID:  568560653
Developer ID:  Smart Meds, LLC  - John Stevenson, Dave Moreland, Dan Brown

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Smart Cannabis also known as Smart MMJ is a mobile MMJ Ratings application for managing your Medical Marijuana use.  Currently it is offered as an iPhone application.  There will be an iPad application soon.

This revolutionary Smart Phone app combines a useful editable directory of services with the ability to rate different Strains as you self-medicate. 

It is a known fact that different stains of MMJ have varied effectiveness on the multitude of symptoms that MMJ treats. How can one decide which strain is the best for you and your medical issue?  Smart Cannabis' MMJ  Ratings are anonymously uploaded to a server where everyone with the application can view the ratings. 

* No more guess work as to which marijuana strain works best.
* No more vague statements on how this this or that MMJ strain will effect you. 

With Smart Cannabis, the community of cannabis users will create a tool to help everyone make better medical choices.
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